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How to Survive by Angela Janda

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Keep your friends close and your silence closer.

Head like a white sheet
or a sailcloth, hung garments
blown sideways in a bluesky wind.

Live in pictures and pictures only.

A bowl of blueberries, a standing pear,

as a symbol for weightlessness.
The anemone
as a symbol for grief.
A swan-drawn chariot as a symbol for:

your secret is your power.

The object of your search is within.

Go and look for it;
leave no notes.

A table
bare where the note should be

but for
an empty dish and the sheen of sun.

Where the fork should be, a spoon.

No one to ask, or to answer.

Angela Janda


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May 18, 2010 at 12:01 am

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