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Absence of Moon by Angela Janda

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To create you must first destroy. And then there is room
for the creating. There is only so much space

though also space is infinite in another way of thinking.

Today at 7:04pm Mountain Time was the new moon.
Was the moon new or I suppose we could say: absent.
Was the absence of the moon. Mountain Standard Time,

This is what I will destroy first: mountains
of old photographs, notebook albums, my need to be admired.

By the light of no moon I will drink down to nothing
a bottle of tea.

The whole fruit destroyed becomes the cobbler. The perfect eggshell
cracked open– The fabric cut, the trousers, the pleats.
The marriage destroyed–

I don’t know.

I am a little sick of destruction, to be honest,
though heartened to hear of its probable use.

Maybe the other side of the coin–
the infinity of space,
that nothing
is lost, the moon comes around full again–

that nothing is lost.

Then I just wrote the word purple.

Even after my death, the lilacs.

Angela Janda


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May 18, 2010 at 12:04 am

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