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There was a time

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There is a time
when one may need to ask
for shelter

To please take off
your shoes

To have a king
for a son
to fix a heel
Drink some water

To put the ticket
in a subway machine

To find a cup of stew
a hole in the wall
a room behind the
Fire place or the floor boards

Sometimes we all just need
a place to stay

To spit on your windshield
Fix your rainbow
Sushi, clean your pool

Sometimes someone
Has to die
Because of their name
Because we look like
Someone else

There is fine
for being a productive person
a pound of lard
that must be delivered
a pizza that is just a prank
Anchovies and all

Sometimes we must die
at the foot
of a wall

there is no other way

– Aide Rodriguez Zamudio

Aide Rodriguez Zamudio


Written by admin

April 27, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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