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‘excerpts from my subconscious’

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deep breath
seems i’ve lost myself
force air through
that clogged anxiety
given in
to another’s world
thought adaptability
a virtue…
feel the urge
to run- RUN!
yet something stops me
pulls me down
disabling all motion
trapping me
(in my own cell)
tick, tick
there it goes again
shake, shake
lost control again
fuck, fuck
what am i to do?
(prague, 2007)

time is funny
time will tell
it’s the controlling factor
will bring us together
will wait forever
but in reality
forever’s too long
and time stops ticking
causes great seperation
so far apart,
yet close enough,
to walk inside
and shred me
into tiny little pieces.
(prague, 2005)

-Sit Pretty Now


Written by admin

February 25, 2010 at 3:47 am

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